Is this the formula for Powerful Change?

How easy do you find change? It's likely that when you affect change in your own life, based on your own choices and actions, it's easier than when change is imposed on you by external persons or events. The reality is, the world is constantly…

Love or Fear, which do you choose?

Michael Leunig is an Australian poet, cartoonist, and cultural commentator, wrote:There are only two feelings: love and fear.There are only two languages: love and fear.There are only two activities: love and fear.There are only two motives,…

Harnessing Positive Thinking - Affirmations and Mindfulness

Our thoughts and our words have a direct impact on us, and those around us. They shape our emotions, behaviours, and actions. If you've ever enjoyed one of my group coaching sessions, you'll know this is an area I'm very passionate about!…

The Power of Visualization - Mind Movies

See it in your mind. Replay it over and over again and, when you actually come to do it, it will be nothing new. Visualization is the ability to create pictures in your mind. It can help boost your motivation, clarity, and success in life,…

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